Self-Care Moments

Give Yourself 5 Minutes…

“I want to journal, but I don’t have time…”  Not only do I hear this all the time from clients, but I say it myself, and the other day I said this to my son.  He was quiet for a few moments and then said, “Here’s a challenge for you Mom.  (more…)

Acknowledge Your Anxiety…

Most of us feel some kind of (generalized) anxiety on a daily basis…an unexpected quickening of your breathing, an uncomfortable  tightness in your chest, that subtle feeling of agitation or irritability, or a wave of fear that hits you for no reason.

Sound familiar?


Everything begins with the breath…

What if I offered you a simple technique, that’s free, that increases your mental clarity, balances your left and right brain, helps you feel calm in stressful situations and will help you cope with almost any stressor you’re facing? (more…)

Intentional Self-Care…

This blog is a new addition to my website and this is my first post.  I thought a lot about what I wanted to say this first time and eventually it came back to setting my intention, or purpose, for having a self-care blog.  (more…)

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