Acknowledge Your Anxiety…

Most of us feel some kind of (generalized) anxiety on a daily basis…an unexpected quickening of your breathing, an uncomfortable  tightness in your chest, that subtle feeling of agitation or irritability, or a wave of fear that hits you for no reason.

Sound familiar?

Usually, we just pass it off and go about our day, hoping that it will pass, but are conscious of feeling a little antsy and uncomfortable.

If you want a quick and easy way to feel some relief, try a little self-reflection.  This is about slowing down, stepping back a little from what you’re doing, and just noticing what’s happening inside.  Try not to judge or censor what comes up for you, just be with what you’re feeling.  BUT, take note:  this is not the same as self-analyzing, where you run through your own personal list of all the thoughts you’re having about yourself (especially the negative ones).  No, self-reflection is about sitting with the feeling, taking a few moments and becoming aware, as you listen to yourself and your body, and acknowledge what you’re feeling in the moment.

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