Professional Qualifications

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I have a private practice in Bellaire (Houston) and I work with women, individually and in groups, who are looking for real, lasting change.

In therapy, I incorporate mind-body practices such as imagery and focusing, as well as self-calming and self-regulating techniques. My intention is to help women recognize their own voice as they learn to trust and follow what they know, deep down, is true for them.

I specialize in women’s issues, trauma (little and big), and life changes, holding the space as women develop trust in themselves and start living an authentic life.

I am deeply committed to my work and to those seeking a voice in their own healing process and personal growth. I encourage clients to engage with me in honest and open dialogue. In return, I strive to provide therapy with integrity and respect for each person’s uniquely individual process.

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Glenda L. Rice, MA, LPC
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