Honor Endings…and Beginnings…

As the journey of this year is coming to a close, I find myself asking “How was the trip?”, and as I look back for a moment, and reflect on my year, I notice that there are parts of my journey that I want to remember and hold on to, and just as many parts that I want to let go of and toss away. But, deep down, my inner voice reminds me that all parts of the journey are worth remembering, and I know that I will take some time to honor this ending, so that I can embrace the New Year…the new journey.

I invite you to look back, collect the moments, and then honor your journey that was 2013. One way to do this is to create a SoulCollage® card (or 2, or 3) that holds and expresses the moments of this last year. Here’s what you do:

Make a SoulCollage Card in six easy steps:

1. Gather your materials (a piece of 5” x 8” (or any size that appeals to you) mat board or cardboard, a pair of scissors, an acid-free glue stick, and several magazines) and put them on the table in front of you.

2. Take a few moments to center yourself. Take a deep breath and allow your mind to bring up memories of this last year. No judging…just remembering.

3. Now, spend time going through the magazines. Tear out any images that you like, that seem to appeal to you for ANY REASON. Don’t question why you might be drawn to the images. Simply tear them out.

4. Spread the images out around you. Sort through them and notice which ones seem to grab your attention and pull these images aside.

5. Start playing around with the images that you have chosen. Lay them on top of one another, or beside each other. Arrange and rearrange them until you come to a layout that you like. Trust your intuition. You will know when it looks “right.”

6. Glue the images onto the 5″ x 8″ mat board or cardboard.

You have made your first SoulCollage® card. By honoring the ending, you can let the new journey unfold.

Wishing you a most happy New Year!


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